UPSC Declares Official Cut Off and Answer Keys For Civil Services Prelims (CSAT) 2011 Examination

upsc mains reference books new pattern 20013




UPSC has replied to an RTI query about civil services prelims 2011 cut off marks and also has disclosed answer  keys for the first time. (I got this copy in Orkut forum and displaying it here for the benefit of aspirants)


Click below on the links to download 2011 question papers for series A (for which keys are displayed above)



It is said that cut off will be between 205-210 for 2012 prelims(GM category). All the best. (Officially it is 209)


1) India 2013 – Publication Division, Govt. of India 

2) Economic Survey 2012-2013

3) India Since Independence – Bipan Chandra

4) Ideology And Politics in Modern India

5) India’s Struggle For Independence – Bipan Chandra

6)Indian Economy 67 Edition – Dutt and Sundaram or Indian Economy: Performance and Policies 11 Rev ed Edition – Uma Kapila

7) Indian Polity for Civil Services Examinations 3rd Edition – Laxmikanth

8) Geography of India- Majid Hussain

9) Ethics In Governance OR To Download Free E-Book Click here

10) India After Gandhi : The History of the World’s Largest Democracy Democracy – Ramachandra Guha

11) Mastering Modern World History 3rd Edition- Norman Lowe

12) Trends in Indian Culture and Heritage: For Civil Services

13) Select Constitutions: 16th Edition – S Chand

14) India’s Foreign Policy – Muchkund Dubey

15) Challenge And Strategy : Rethinking India’s Foreign Policy – Rajiv Sikri

16) History of the World from the Late Nineteenth to the Early Twenty First Century – Arjun Dev

(I have removed identity of candidate in RTI form to maintain their privacy, and thank him/her for the copy)

72 Responses

  1. Ambika says:

    Its been hard to digest but still wanna know where things went wrong. So please revert on priority

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    • Anonymous says:

      @ Ambica.. there is no way out to dis perpetual ptoblem… u can file RTI but that too when whole process is complete… else touch d base wd Mr. Imran farid at upsc.. he can guide u ..

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  2. sagar says:

    @ Ambika… dis is d perpetual problem wd upsc.. way out is to file ipsc once dos whole process is complete…else touch d base wd Mr Imram Farid.. i guess he is in exam cell… u can ask for re evaluation..

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  3. ram says:

    When this rti apllication should be filed???After the results of pre or after final reults>>

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  4. uttam says:

    thanks for loading the information on the site!!! anyone can plz clearify the meaning of two answeres in decision making questions???

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  5. biplab ahmed says:

    thanks very much……for this post………it is very helpful

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  6. R says:

    GB, im in great confusion. i hvnt taken any coaching bcaz my parents cant afford it. please tell me that in paper II where they are asking the GOVT aptitude question. that what would u do in the following sitation. Answer key gives two answers, LIKE AB, BC, CD, and many so if you could tell that is it
    1) muntiple choice answers
    2) whther we need to either one of them
    3) or both
    4) what if my one of options is right then what?

    please help me out

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  7. Naidu says:

    What is minimum but off marks for st category in Civils

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  8. Anonymous says:

    i think any type of upsc exam can b cracked by scoring 45-50 %marks for general categary

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  9. Anonymous says:

    it is sarprising civil candidates

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  10. Mayank Singhal says:

    I dont belive 45-50% is enough..!! iam expecting 190-200 in my prelim 2013.. i dont see my chances

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  11. arvind says:

    i am getting 173 in summation of the two papers ,belong to ST category is there any ray of hope ??

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  12. Anonymous says:

    I m getting 240 in prelims 2013. I belong to general category.
    What r my chances?
    Plz reply soon

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  13. V.K.G.B. says:

    You are 100% in if you are getting 240. All the best for Mains. :-)

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  14. Anonymous says:

    what is the minimum cut off mark for obc candidates in civils prelims 2013

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  15. Sagar says:

    Many people saying cutoff for SC category would be 190 this year……What you suggest sir?

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  16. Kalpesh says:

    i heard that this time the cut off may be 7-8 marks higher.. is it true??
    tell me the cut off marks for ST??

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  17. ss says:

    217 +safe for general

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  18. Anshu says:

    Hello, I m getting 186 (Paper I-41 and Paer II-145) in Prelims 2013. Category – OBC.
    What are the chances of clearing the PT?
    Please suggest.

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  19. prince says:

    sir iam getting in paper1 = 158 and paper 2= 45 total =203
    and i belong to sc category… will i clear?
    is there any special cutoff for each paper? or combined cutoff?

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  20. Anonymous says:

    my score is 204.16 -obc what are the chances

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  21. Anonymous says:

    how much percentage attempt of paper makes your prelims clear sure shot

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  22. V.K.G.B. says:


    I am afraid it is difficult for you this time. Cut-off is expected to be above 190 :-(

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  23. V.K.G.B. says:


    You will definitely get through :-) Congrats!


    Ya cut-off will be on higher side this time. For ST it may be around 185.


    It doesn’t depend upon number of questions attempted. Number of right answers to total questions attempted matters a lot.

    If you can answer 45 right in Paper-I and 50 right in paper-II it will be a cake walk for you to Mains :-)

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  24. ravi says:

    Hello, I m getting 195-200 OBC.
    What are the chances of my selection?

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  25. Anonymous says:

    Sir, my score is 230+(gen. Categry) will i in?

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  26. Akhi says:

    Sir, my score is 230+(gen. Categry) will i in?

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  27. Anonymous says:

    it is good but answer should be just after the pre exam

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  28. mowni says:

    actually i’m a fresher&dont know the pattern of paper?is there any negetive marking in these exams(both prelims&mains).plzz clear my doubt….

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  29. Ravi says:

    Hi sir,,,,my name is Ravi aananda.this is my first trial for IAS prelims…
    i belong to obc…i think i will score between 195-210…

    will there be any chance for selection for 2nd exam MAINS?????

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  30. Aspirant says:

    Sir please help me. I am preparing self study now. When i saw few UPSC Prelims GS previous year questions, its ambiguous, even institutes, book, sites giving different options. I also cant findout with books, net or discussion with friends. But after long deliberation also cannt get satisfying answer. Is official answer keys available for older UPSC Preliminary General studies paper? Anybody got through RTI? otherwise please give sources where i can get correct answers. Please help sir. Thanks in advance

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