Expected Cut-off For UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2013

upsc mains reference books new pattern 20013


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How To Get Over UPSC Prelims Failure?


(This year (2013) Cutoff seems to be high, may be 230-235 or more for GM. Also for IFoS cutoff is higher than IAS’.  We all(GKToday, Vision IAS, Insights) got it wrong. But all along we told you to focus on Mains. Better luck next time for those who didn’t clear and congrats to those who did. If you had prepared well for Mains, that will immensely help you next year)

Last year we  had predicted 210 (General Category) as cut-off for prelims 2012 and it turned out to be 209 according to official cut-off published by UPSC.

This year as both papers were easy, I think cut-ff for General Category would be around 220. (Proved Wrong)

UPSC will publish official cut-off only next year after final result is out. If you are getting more than 200- 220 (GM), you should start preparing for mains (NEW PATTERN) without wasting time waiting for prelims result to be announced (which will consume 75 days of your valuable time).

The best Answer Key for 2013 prelims Paper- I is out here.


1) Shorter Constitution Of India (Set of 2 Volumes) 14th Editon – D.D.Basu (THIS IS PURELY FOR REFERENCE – VERY GOOD BOOK TO HAVE)

OR This Small Book : Introduction to the Constitution of India 20 Edition or

Introduction to the Constitution of India

2) India 2013 – Publication Division, Govt. of India 

3) Economic Survey 2012-2013

4) India Since Independence – Bipan Chandra

India Since Independence – new edition

5) Ideology And Politics in Modern India

6) India’s Struggle For Independence – Bipan Chandra


A Brief History of Modern India – Spectrum Publications

From Plassey to Partition – A History Of Modern India (Now Super Hit With Aspirants – Choice is yours! )

7)Indian Economy : For Civil Services Examinations 5th Edition (2013) – Ramesh Singh

8) Indian Polity for Civil Services Examinations 4th Edition – Laxmikanth

9) Geography of India- Majid Hussain

10) Ethics In Governance OR To Download Free E-Book Click here

11) Buy India After Gandhi: The History Of The World’s Largest Democracy

12) Mastering Modern World History – New Edition – Norman Lowe

Or Buy this Imported Vesrion updated with in-depth chapters on Arab Spring and 2008 Financial Crisis: Mastering Modern World History -5th Edition, Norman Lowe

13) Facts of Indian Culture – Spectrum Publications


Trends in Indian Culture and Heritage: For Civil Services

Or this book from Government of India: The Gazetteer of India: History and Culture Vol II

14) Select Constitutions: 16th Edition – S Chand


15) India’s Foreign Policy – Muchkund Dubey

16) Challenge And Strategy : Rethinking India’s Foreign Policy – Rajiv Sikri

17) History of the World from the Late Nineteenth to the Early Twenty First Century – Arjun Dev (Optional)

18) Social Problems in India 2 Edition – Ram Ahuja

19) Politics and Ethics of the Indian Constitution - Review

20) Public Institutions in India: Performance and Design – PRATAPA BHANU MEHTA

Other Books Civil Services Aspirants Must Read (DURING LEISURE):

1) The Wonder That Was India- A.L.Basham

2) India Unbound: The Social and Economic Revolution from Independence to the Global Information Age – Gurcharan Das

3) Pax Indica: India and the World of the 21st Century – Shashi Tharoor (Pre-order 30% off )

4) An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradictions – Amartya Sen and Jean Dreze

5) The Argumentative Indian : Writings on Indian History – Amartya Sen

CUT-OFF MARKS – 2011 and 2012


upsc mains reference books new pattern 20013

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1,005 responses to “Expected Cut-off For UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2013

  1. First

    hello sir,

    This is my first time attempt.. according to some answer keys available in the net, my score ranges from 230 to 245 and I’m an OBC and going through all the comments, I guess I should get through but I have one doubt which I want you or the people in this forum to clarify… I have used whitener in 2 of the answers (one each in both the papers). Is there any impact as such using whitener? Though I have used whitener in some exams and forms and there was no impact as such as the OMR scanner only scans the black & white… but I just wanted to confirm from you and the other experienced aspirants.

  2. Ashutosh

    It’s been 8 days since we appeared in prelims. Our fate is sealed now. No matter how much we discuss on cut-off, the end result will not change. Hence we should now focus on mains and strategies to tackle the new syllabus. Let’s start a discussion on strategy, books, etc. for mains. In any case, passing or not passing P.T., we got to study. hence it will be wise for us to concentrate on next level.

  3. rishab

    i wanted ask one thing…
    is the physical taken before alloting the service(dept/trade) or after alloting the service…??

  4. rishab

    *physical= medical test

  5. Saurabh Bhatia

    sir i am general category and getting 213-218 marks according to diff keys/…. any chances?

  6. dmn

    according to answer key given by various coaching center my score lies between 175-185..i m belonging to sc category and apply for both ias and ifos with zoology and botany as my optional .is there any chance for many from any of these two????

  7. Anonymous

    Guys, to tell you the truth there were many people who said they had a cut of 250,220+,230+ last year that includes me .None of us cleared last year only few got through but with a score less than what they actually calculated. I had a cut off of 223 according to one of the institutes .Its general mentality to select the best score out of the lot .UPSC key differs a lot from the other keys .You can even see a lot of variations between keys, Only one thing can take you thru if u feel u have a decent score -Believe that u will write your mains this year .

  8. Anonymous

    sir, i m sc candidate my score is 190. is there any chance to clear prelims this year.

  9. Anonymous

    I I have also consulted a few sites and some experts, it appears that the cut off for General category may go up upto about 10 marks at the maximum this time.
    Regarding further reading and preparation , I think that is the need of the hour. All the best to you all.


  10. Ayush

    Sir,I belong to SC category n Im scoring between 190-195.Will I make it 4 mains or not??

  11. vasanti.T

    i am a s.c candididate i am geting 185 including both papers what are my chance of clearing premils

  12. Anonymous

    sir acc to CL my score is 203. i m in general category..wat r my chances?

  13. vikash

    Sir i am getting 201………..any chances?

  14. vikash

    sir i am getting 201…..gen category………any chances?

  15. Anonymous

    sir m getting 51 in GS and 172 in CSAT..belong to general category..is dere ny chance of clearing prelim dis year???

  16. deepika

    Sir, I am getting 180-190 marks. I have applied for both IFS and IAS. I belong to SC Category. What r my chances of clearing the prelims.

  17. kamal

    Is polity good subject for optional.

  18. pardeep

    sir i scored 191.26 as per vajiram and ravi key , belong to sc category,
    as per you what will be the cut off for SC category this year.

  19. satya

    sir i have scored 180 & i belongs to ph category any chance to appear in mains reply please
    satya prakash yadav

  20. love jindal

    sir m gttng 222 acc to vajiram , 243 acc to cl , 226 acc to halfmantr…wat r my channces , shd i start prerpng for mains or not

  21. anubhav

    sir, how to select the subjects for mains… Being an engineering student, will it not hold negative point if i choose public ad and geography… and do let me know which are the top scoring subjects for mains.


    i have got two questions-
    1. When will UPSC publish the official answer key on their website?
    2.Right now which is the most trusted answer key , because there is a significant variation of marks even with 4-5 questions.
    Please reply.

  23. nikhil

    246 as per cl keys and 235 as per other keys..i am a general candidate..what are the prospects?

  24. vishevraj

    34 in paper 1 and 185 in paper 2 are dere ane chances? Also is it alwayz that number increases by uppsc key answers?

  25. Ashutosh

    How authentic are the CL keys?

  26. nikhil

    @ashutosh-No key can be considered authentic but CL’s paper 2 key is pretty accurate and regarding paper 1 every coaching has their own set of weird answers for certain questions, so dont worry..variations would be around 10 marks.

  27. Ashutosh

    @Nikhil, any guess abt the cut- off taking CL keys into consideration?

  28. sushil kumar

    sir,i have scored 190 in OBC and applied for both IAS and IFS. what are my chances for mains exam?

  29. Anonymous

    This time there will be individual cutoff for paper-I and paper-II

  30. Anonymous

    i am getting 164 st category….any chances of clearing?

  31. ramgopal

    sir i m getting 215+ …min 215…..gen cat…what are my chances?….

  32. sk

    sir CL keys, specially for paper 2 were disaster last year as almost everybody scored high in UPSC than with CL keys..so how can u say CL key for paper 2 is near perfect??
    I think if some one gets 200 with CL they get 215 in UPSC..what u say??
    anyways I am getting 205 to 220 ..OBC any chance for me???

  33. Abhay

    Sir, incorporating all iterations for -ve nos, wrong answers etc, I am scoring minimum 221 and maximum 228..these cut-off discussions are sucking my energy & I haven’t studied a word in last 2 weeks..just pondering over websites seeking respite. Kindly enlighten me with your inputs. I will be highly obliged if somehow u can encourage me to come out of this mental mess :)

    • Abhay,

      For UPSC you have to keep studying no matter how you have given your prelims. You have scored decent marks. You will definitely clear. Cut-off won’t go beyond 220 in any case. First, stop visiting sites to know something new about cut-off. It will distract you further and make you stressed.

      Instead, go on reading books thinking you are preparing for a life-long battle. If you stop reading somewhere someone will get ahead of you – may be for mains or for next prelims. So, don’t waste time on what already happened. Work on future. I am sure you will definitely clear prelims. All the best :-)

  34. Ashutosh

    @sk, last time the questions in paper- 2 were ambiguous in the sense that the passages were tricky and so arriving at a definite answer might have been difficult. However, this time the passages were very straightforward, so chances of the CL keys being on target are more.

    I feel there can be some variations in the answers for paper- 1

  35. Ranjeet

    Hello sir my score is 185.5 I am belong to sc catg any chance for me please reply

  36. Anonymous

    Learning new things and studying new subjects are life long process for any forward looking person. So,there is no point in getting dejected due to any reason. A friend of mine who was outstanding in GK, writing skills and mathematical abilities was having the habit of reading anything he came across(even if it was an old newspaper cutting wrapped on a snacks parcel). That much was his curiosity .He did his MBA from IIM and he was a rank holder there. He did not appear for any other competitive exam other than CAT entrance. He has an outstanding ability of storing the information he had collected /studied. He was more like a computer in storing and retrieving the information from his brain. I do not know what kind of mativation these people have to do this kind of marvellous jobs. Ofcourse there are lot of guys like him among ourselves also.The only way is to get self motivated ourselves. I remember one another incident. That was in an exhibition centre. There was a shop giving free Tea(for a new brand of tea that was introduced that time). There were around 50 people waiting for a free cup tea in front of the counter, just shouting and making all kinds of noises. I was one among those guys waiting for a free cup of tea. There was only one person is making and supplying tea in that counter. He could have been upset seeing the big crowd. But he did not! He was smiling at the crowd and making and supplying tea continuously with lot of enthusiasm!!!I was really surprised to observe this scene. I do not think that he gets anything by supplying more no. of cups of tea to people in a given period of time. Now my question is: How does this poor guy at the counter gets motivation to do his job? You may say just “Marketing”. I would say that was much more than marketing!!!


    • Paulraj,

      Well said. Please keep motivating aspirants here. Self-motivation is the key to face all the obstacles. Howsoever tough is the challenge, or how big is the failure, just do one thing – get up and get going.


  37. madhu

    sir i am getting a score of 195 and i belong to st. what are the chances of me getting through prelims this time?

  38. sumit

    according to various answer keys my score is 220-240 but i want to ask that how much these keys are reliable because there is huge variation in answers of these keys with upsc official key..what are the chances..

  39. sumit

    then what to do????my score in paper 2 is 170 as per cl n i think this time variation in paper 2 will be less……n according to u if there is 10-15 marks variation den my chance will be less….please guide me

  40. sumit

    n one more thing about last 6 questions in paper 2 is that whether upsc will give 2 correct option for those qes or only one option will be considered as right answer…

    • Sumit,

      many got 10-15 marks more than expected. it may happen to you also. Keep preparing for mains.

      For decision making questions there are two answers. answer marked by is one of them then you will be awarded full marks.

  41. Abhijeet

    Well friends I hav gone through all imp ans keys & also keenly following ur comments on this blog. This time it was my 2nd attempt & my avg. score is 237 (102+135). Last time as well acc 2 diff keys I scored 205-210 & I got 205 & unfortunately I culdnt clear it. There were lot of students last year as well who were boosting of their score around 250 & saying d cut-off wuld b 225 but it turned out 209. This time as well pupils r boosting on same lines & making mockery of UPSC but they wil soon come to knw that cut-off wil not go beyond 225 & this acc 2 me is maximum limit for GM. So I think I am quite comfortable this time looking forward for writing mains exam. To all those who r still confused as 2 what 2 do if they HAV scored less than 225 I wuld say relax as this is maximum cut-off. So as blogger is rightly saying that u shuld prepare for mains in any case. So dont go through different sites & start ur preparation right now as this time we HAV 6 months 2 prepare for Mains. Opportunities like this never comes again & again. All d best 2 all of u. WISH ME BEST LUCK as well, as I badly need ur well wishes.

  42. satya

    dear sir,
    i have already asked about my position my score is about 180 & belongs to ph category. is there any chance to get appear in mains reply sir please…………………..

  43. vinod dhaal

    vinod dhaal…………my score is 181 n belongs to sc. what will the chances

  44. Anonymous

    Sir, I have a score of 240-250. I’m ST. What are the chances?

  45. manisha

    215+ obc ….
    sir plz enlighten a bit for mains preparation .. um a fresher and have not taken any coaching ..my optional is pub ad ..

    • Manisha,

      First collect current affairs from last October to this November from The Hindu or Some good magazine guided by the Syllabus. Paper cuttings will be good.

      Secondly, buy standard reference books for new syllabus (given in the post/ if not satisfied you can ask any seniors) and read them, make short notes and re-read the books. Later revise everything.

      Most importantly, collect previous GS questions – past 10 years – solve them and get them corrected by seniors or professors.

      Lastly, never think about prelims while preparing for mains :-) NEVER. Focus on mains.

      Good luck!

  46. datta

    I’ve scored between 232 to 236 according to the provided answer keys and paperwise distribution of marks is:
    1)paper 1: 62
    2)paper 2: 170 to 174

    Does the score give me the relief that i’ll be selected for the civil services and IFoS mains? Kindly reply .

  47. multani

    i am getting 200 OBC, whether in/Out

  48. ashutosh

    sir i m getting score 78 -84 in paper 1 , 148 in paper 2 ..total score vary from 226 to 234 by differnt answer key ….what r my chance ..i m in gen categiry ..applid only for 1AS

  49. vijay raj

    whn d prelims results announce

  50. Anonymous

    Dear sir,
    Thanks: I had attended one exam some time ago. It was conducted by NACE- USA(a professional body on corrosion). The exam subject was coating / painting inspection.Prior to the exam we had a training session for 5 days-lasting almost 8 to 9 hrs lectures by Trainers from USA.Everyday we used have a small test in the classfor about 30 mins. in order to revise the previous days portions. I clearly remember I used get 80-82% marks in the class tests everyday.On the final day we had to face the final exam which was of MCQ type with 150 qns. Prior to going for the course I knew approx. 30% of the subject only. Most of the subject was new. I was extremely confident in wrting the exam as I used to be good in the class room also.As usual when I came out of the exam hall I remembered clearly that I did 5-6 Qns wrongly.We were not allowed to take the Qn.papers out. It will go back to NACE-the professional body in USA. On the following days also I was bothering about the result / those 5/6 Qns which I did wrongly.The pass mark used to be 72%.(like cut off). Actually the result came after only 45 days later. But the excitement was there as to whether I would get that magic figure of 72%.I was really doubtful in those days whether I would clear that exam or not. When the result was out, I came to know that I scored 87% which was one of the best score for that group. Fortunately there was no answer key provided by anyone for that exam. May be that was a relief for me. Anyway CSAT is a different ball game considering the number of people taking the exam in a year.
    I hope IAS 2013 PRELIMS result also follows the same trend for all of you. All the best.!!!


    • Thanks again for sharing such a lovely and inspiring experience. I hope guys here take some inspiration from your experience.

      Faith is more important in this exam. It will certainly bring success if it is coupled with sincere hard work.

  51. rahul

    Hello sir,
    my name is rahulgs. this is my first attempt and according to answer keys published iam getting around 210-218 marks. I need good direction from you which what iam lacking now, that to go ahead with main preparation or not. Iam also planning to go for some coaching for mains also but iam confused whether i will get a chance. Is there any chance for me?. Waiting for your reply.

    • Rahul,

      Start preparing for mains. If you are financially sound then go and join good coaching institution immediately. But, personally I suggest self-study though it yields result slowly. Anyway, don’t depend entirely on coaching. Go for it for some motivation, to meet serious aspirants.

      Don’t wait for results to start mains preparation. Something tells me you will clear. What if you get 10 more marks from official UPSC key? You are absolutely in then! So please don’t waste time on prelims performance. :-) All the best!

  52. rahul

    Thank you very much sir for your valuable reply. when will upsc publish the official answer key and also how should i prepare for main like which books to refer etc. I would like to select economics and sociology as optionals.

  53. Sir, i am getting 225 in both papers as per vajiram answer key. Please suggest weather vaji’s keys are relaible.

  54. RAJA

    I am getting 220 both papers combined. OBC Category. What are my chances of clearing prelims? Pls say

  55. Anonymous

    Here I would like to write another piece of an information /episode that illustrates the power of mind.This is not a story but a real incident which happened about 50 years ago. This was told to me by the person who was involved in that incident. That incident goes likes this: There were two Indian and one British engineers working in the Engine room of a ship which was sailing in the sea. You know these engineers have a lot of responsibilities in maintaining the equipment and have to do many jobs themselves. Most of the engineers working as Marine Engineers get good experience becuase of the nature of the job.Unfortunately one day something wend wrong in the engine room and an incident / accident happened resulting in the death of the British engineer. Once the ship reached England, these two Indians were charged that because of their negligence only that incident took place and hence they filed a case against these two persons(indians). These two indians were in their early thirties that time. Following this, they had to go to the court in London and had to face the court hearing. After a thorough review of the case, the judge could not get convinced about the allegation. The judge came to a conclusion that these persons should be tested in their trade /subject knowledge prior to proceeding with the case.The judge said,”You two will undergo an examination in your subject, i.e., Mechanical Engineering. If you pass the exam, you wiill be freed. If you fail in the exam, you will face the case in the court” These two Indians were Mechanical Engg.graduates. They had no alternative except to sit for the exam. The judge gave them 2 months time for preparation for the exam. The next moment, these two Indians went to a bookstall and bought relevant books for the exam.(in London). They started their preparation for the exam(under stress). They studied and revised all the Mech. Engg subjects within two months only. Subsequently, they sat for the exam and they were declared to have passed the exam and confirmed to be competent engineers and hence they were freed immediately from that case / allegation.
    This incident was narrated to me by one of the Indian Engineers who was involved in that incident. In fact he told me that they studied so much during those two months time to the extent that, they had not studied that much during the five year period in the college days. That was the will power and the determination. What a performance by those two Engineers!!!(not under normal circumstances but under stress.) Great!!!

    Have a nice day!!


  56. manish

    In some cases, this is true that person works under pressure (pressure of achieving something) perform better.

  57. i get 210 mark approximate will i select ??? gk paper is too tuf and timing sortege in aptitude so plz reply can i start prepartion of mains

  58. ATUL

    Please tell me sir of my clearing Pre
    Marks 208-214 (OBC)

  59. amrita jha

    AM GETTING 198 general category what are my chances??

  60. ganesanmeganathan

    hello mr v.paulraj thanks for your posting which is really give very good enthusiasm to the aspirants…i expecting more like this from you and in essay paper how can we write for three hours for a single topic please give suggestions ….

  61. ganesanmeganathan

    and i requesting all the aspirants that here after don’t ask about the cut off .. leave that pl …please share your experience and ideas in the civil services exam at-least share about the related topic,syllabus ,,

  62. Anonymous

    i belong to ST and score just 160+. do i have a chance to thru CSP

  63. madhu

    sir i am getting 195 at worse cases and i belong to st category…..what are my chances to get through prelims this time?

  64. Anonymous

    Dear Ganesan,

    Thank you for reading the blog which I wrote in this site. If I can motivate or inspire somebody I will definitely feel very happy. I can definitely share what I know or what I have experienced. I can understand the feelings of all the upcoming executives who are asking for some details or clarifications like cut off and other guide lines etc from Mr.VKGB sir. He has been answering them patiently and without hurting anybody’s feelings. He is really doing a marvellous job, I know.

    Coming to your point: You have asked me to write something about writing essay on a given topic. Fine. Writing is an art. I hope everyone can develop with some good effort. I will frankly tell you that I am not an expert in writing on that topic. But I tell you that I am good in my profession / field. I am an engineer by profession. I write reports periodically- but that is only a technical reports for my company where I work. Sometyime I am given an assignment to write a report on some topic where my knowedge level will be just inadequate to write a formal report. Sometime I am blank also with regard to that topic. But, I start from a scratch. I read some old reports if anything available. I discusss with my colleagues and then start noting down some points for wring that report and then develop that report step by step. There were other two guys in my section who used to help me with information so that I can prepare that report. Sometime ago we started wrting a report jointly(the other two guys were good in providing the necessary info.). That was the report on some vital piping replacement subject(related to environmental issues). That report took some good shape and was later submitted to the top management of the company through proper channel. And the same was approved by the share holders with only some minor corrections.That report was for justifying an investment of around 100 Million US Dollar. That report was approved, ofcourse in a short period of time.

    I also do some work on investigation type of job, related to incidents and accidents(HSE related you can call it) where you the company can learn some lessons out of such incidents. Some incidents could be high potential incidents which need to be investigated and corrective actions initiated at the earliest in order to avoid reccurrence of such incidents which could otherwise be costly or could affect the the reputation of the company.
    I hope I am not boring you.
    I hope I will write on this topic further,later on.


  65. Anonymous

    How to Break Down Your Tasks.

    We used to follow one method for training the new graduates at work. That is to select some 50 to 60 topics(from the subject or the field) he has selected in which he is supposed to have skill or expertise.(that is thorough knowledge).

    For example he is a Mechnical Engineer. So, select the relevant topics needed for for his area of work. Say, for example: the selected topics are:

    1. Pumps
    3 Vibration analysis
    4 Preventive maintenance
    5 Break down maintenance
    6 Trouble shooting
    7. Failure Analysis
    8. Quality control

    ……… etc etc….. Total 60 topics.

    Now draw three columns and write these level of proficiency for each topic and then develop from there…..

    A.Awareness only B. Knowledge level. C. Skillful or Proficient

    Now, he may fill the columns against each topic just by putting a tick mark where applicable. Someone may be knowing the subject 20% Someone may be knowing only 10%.

    OR he can even start all the topics from fresh or basic level only.
    Now he is given say around 12 months for development.(for a normal person). He can check up his progress every week by putting tick mark at the relevant columns.

    Now this is available in a nice Excel sheet and it is very easy to follow on day to day or weekly basis.

    On some 50% of the topics, he may be only level A.
    On some 25 % of the topics, he may have Level B
    On some 25% of the topics, he may have Level C.

    With this Tabulated information, he will know exactly where he stands, and on which topic he has to spend more time and on which topics he has to spend less time for the purpose of full development.

    In another way, after selecting the new topics, first he can learn only upto awareness level by reading or observing some practical things or seeing some video programme etc.

    Then he go to level B, by studying that particular topic from a prescribed book- in a deeper manner.(level- B). Or he can go for a lecture or a training programme to acquire more knowledge.

    After a week or so, he can go for a little higher level, by taking up an assignment or by practicing wrting that particular topic by himself. This method of development has been found to be effective and successful also for new graduates. Just see whether you can also adapt this method for your studies / preparation.


  66. vikash

    getting 201 marks…..gen category………….chances?

  67. nishant pandey

    Dear sir,
    I belong to general category, getting 199.67 score acc to vajiram. Is there any chances to qualify pre??? Kindly tell, i am in big confusion….

  68. shovan kumar pradhan

    sir i am expecting score of 223(GS-71,paper-2-152) shall i stand any chance of clearing the prelims

  69. aashu

    i want to share some diffrent … guys if u check the answer sheet you will find that papper was not actually paper was confusing ………. according to me cut off would be for gen 180 to 200 between if u see the vote pole result you will easily get to know the 180- to 200 get second largest vote ..

  70. Pawan Baghel

    sir my score acc to vajiram answers is 207 and from OBC category. what r my chances of clearing prelims ?

  71. Anonymous

    your analysis doesn’t seem to be quite correct this time. gs paper is never tough or easy, the optimum score always ranges between 70 to 90 for top scoring students. its 2nd paper that plays major role in deciding cut off.
    in 2011 2nd paper was tough and hence cut off for general was 198, but in 2012 2nd paper had very few questions of math/quant (about 2 or 3) hence cut off for general went high to 209. but this year again the number of questions from math was quite high, hence the average scoring of 2nd paper will go down. and hence the over all cutoff will not increase too much, at least not as high as you are expecting. it’ll be around 203 to 212.

    • You are right that maths was high, but at the same time, Passages were easy and questions were straightforward unlike last year’s. So cut-off will be around 215-220. If it goes down then it is excellent. Many people will get a chance to write mains. Hope your prediction comes true :-)

      • gaurav

        please don’t be so sure that every one scribling their scores on web pages has calculated their score correctly. the scores of 220,230 and higher are mostly being claimed by students of delhi region and ironically this seems to be the effect of guruji-answer-keys. the fact is that a panic was in students’ hearts due to changed mains pattern, as well as it is a human instinct that one makes more mistkes in paper when he feels that paper is easy. secondly, the csat is easy, it has no standard, any mediocre student will solve the complete paper, but when the pressure of exam is mounted over head and clock is ticking, mistakes do happen. so overall the paper was not a cake walk, and cut off will hover arround 200.
        these students voting on your site, are you giving them any credibility?? seriously?? i tell you a funny fact, you can check on http://www.tcyonline.com 22 students claimed to score 400/400 hahahahaha. I hope you must have got the idea what i want to say.

  72. Anonymous

    My name is Rajiv.My score (General Cat) is around 210-215.what are my chances

  73. Anonymous

    I sincerely hope and wish all of you to get through this exam and be prepared for for writing the MAINS exam.


  74. Anonymous

    My score is around 213. What are my chances in GEN category.?

  75. kunal

    sir, i have applied only for ifos and getting 175-180 marks.(sc category).what are my chance. please reply.

  76. deepa

    sir i belongs to sc and i got 150 marks can i prepare for mains

  77. bhaskar

    sir i belongs to sc and my score is 193 according to vajirams ans key,what are my chance???

  78. gaurav

    sir im scoring arround 217-220…. so should i start for mains 2013 or not

  79. gaurav

    sir im scoring arround 217-220….general cat…. should i start for mains 2013 or not

  80. Pralabh

    for general category , cut off in any case wont go beyond 220, Toh jinka bhi score 220 + aa raha he aur agar ve log general category me he , to bina koi shubh muhurt nikaale , padhaai shuru kar do…….good luck all my all brothers and sisters…GOD bless all of us.

  81. Tejashree

    Sir my score is around 217. are there any chances of me clearing prelim?

    • Tejashree,

      You may clear. What happens is the score you are getting now may get increased according to UPSC keys. So better to start serious preparation for maims. :-)

  82. Naveen

    Sir i got 191 ….for obc category is there any chances?

  83. ritwick

    i m getting 212-215(general).any chances sir? please tell me

  84. pardeep

    sir i am getting 191.26 marks ,belong to sc category
    as per you what will be cut off for sc category this year.

  85. lisa

    sir when will the result of ifs declared?is cut off of ias n ifs different?

  86. Anonymous

    I am scoring 140 , belong to ST category

  87. gaurav

    i thing…. jisne bhi 210+ kar liya hai usko mains ki tyari start kar deni chahiye…. according to me cutoff wont be beyond 212-215…. trust me….

  88. Anonymous

    i m expecting 385 out of 400

  89. RAJA

    I am getting 220 & I belong to OBC category. What are my chances of clearing IFos & IAS?

  90. Hello sir….this is Pratyusha. M scoring 185 belong to SC..can i know my chances?

  91. sir….i m scoring 179 and belong to obc cat. what r my chances???

  92. Basha

    I belong to Physically handicapped category(PH-2) and Iam getting my score around 168-175. The cut-off for last year was 164 .

    Could you please let me know my chances for appearing for mains. Iam eagerly waiting for your reply.

    Thank You

  93. Ravi Shankar

    Sir, I am getting 205, I belong to SC category.. what are my chances?? Ravi Shankar

  94. vikash

    201 from gen category……….any chance?

  95. Prakash

    Minimum from all the keys, considering all doubtful questions as wrong.. I am getting 196 and maximum 202 OBC category
    Do I have good chance or I should focus on my job, my preparation for mains and optional is good but getting less in prelims :(

  96. RAJA

    I am scoring 220 & OBC Category. What are my chances for appearing in mains? pl tell

  97. Anonymous

    210 general category

  98. ankit

    acc. to cl answer key my score is 224 n acc to oter key my score was around 208.i belongs to st cat. what r my chance…????

  99. pardeep

    thank you sir for your motivated reply

  100. Anonymous

    Hello Sir,

    My score would be between 195 to 200 in general category. Do I stand a chance for Mains??


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