Ethics Case Study-11: Emotional Intelligence

Ethics Case Study-11: Emotional Intelligence

Radha was very proud of her father. He was a senior bureaucrat in the state and he was invited to every major functions in Radha’s school and colleges. She used to feel like a star on such occasions. She boasted about her father in her friends’ circle. It was not without reason as her father himself used to tell her his stories of honesty, integrity in administration from his personal experiences.

Radha was a brilliant student in her studies. She had many friends and some enemies too. Ramya was one of those enemies who was jealous of Radha and she constantly searched for an opportunity to hurt Radha with her acerbic taunts. Most of the times Radha avoided encountering Ramya inside the college campus.

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When Radha was in her final year of graduation, just before her final exams, her father was arrested on charges of corruption and was sent to jail. This became a major news in the state and severely affected Radha mentally.

She did not want to write her exams as she felt embarrassed to go to college. But her friends and mother convinced her to give exams as it was very important for her future. As soon as Radha entered college, Ramya met her and started talking sarcastically about Radha’s father that how an honest father got arrested and how Radha had come to write exams in spite of a major crisis in her family. Ramya wryly asked Radha if her father had gone to jail to deliver lecture about honesty and integrity.

One of Radha’s close friends slapped Ramya there itself.

Radha was hurt by Ramya’s comments and not able to control her emotions she rushed out of college crying loudly. That day she did not give her exam. Next day she committed suicide at her home.

In the above example, Radha, Ramya and Radha’s friend who slapped Ramya all have displayed different shades of low emotional intelligence.

Analyze how each one of them would have behaved if they all had possessed high emotional intelligence? (250 Words)

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  1. cs says:

    If radha were to have emotional intelligence she would have focused all here attention towards the final is true the the incident had shaken her to the core but she needed to understand that what all happened was beyond her emotionally mature person has emotional resilience and possess the ability to bounce back when faced with committing suicide she acted in a selfish manner without sparing a thought about her mother and giving an opportunity to her father to explain her the circumstances.

    Radha’s friend would have advised her to ignore ramya.emotional intelligence demands managing one’s own emotions , her act of slapping shows she failed to manage her anger.moreover her act aggravated the negative feelings of radha.

    Ramya would not have been jealous in the first place had she been emotionally intelligent. rather than finding occasions to taunt radha she would have motivated herself to compete with radha in academic and extra curricular spheres .she also lacks the emotional qualities like empathy .

  2. Ankit says:

    Emotional intelligence (EI) is an act whereby an individual directs and control its inner feelings as well as the outer burst of the emotion. It is often said and believed that a person with high IQ is of no use until he has not developed a considerable EQ.
    In the present situation RADHA, RAMYA and Radha’s FRIEND all showed complete lack of strong EI, which was the most demanding in this kind of tangled, complex and tragic occurrence of events.
    Firstly, Radha who lacked EI from the inception of the childhood since she failed to show humbleness and not go on boasting about her unearned privilege on the premise of her father’s great position. This flaunting led to a great animosity between her and Ramya which only grew without check and control. Further there was also the absence of faith, in her, on father’s integrity and also Radha was more concerned about the societal reaction towards her. All these led to growth of shamefulness and fear of being ostracized in Radha’s mind. She gave more emphasis to what others think rather than what she felt.
    Secondly, Ramya should have shown a suitable control and not bursted in time when it was not at all needed. The grown enmity showed lack of will for Ramaya to channelize it into positive direction by himself doing something great so that he would be the cynosure of all eyes. But instead he showed complete degradation of moral will when confronted Radha on her plight and when she needed not terse words but support from all quarters.
    Thirdly, Radha’s friend could have managed the situation by being more proactive rather than being reactive to Ramaya. A friend in need is a friend indeed and she completely lost her own emotions and thereby was of no help to Radha.
    The precious life of a brilliant student Radha could have been saved with wise and mature action. Instead it went astray and left casualty of further traumatising the minds of the survivor, Ramaya and Radha’s friend.

  3. narendra says:

    radha of high expctations at his father can’t imagine his arrest. due to depression she can’t handle the fact and face the truth. this belief towards his father and cruel attitude of ramya make her to take hastely decision.
    radha who always wanted to insult radha saw the thime and behave very cruely towards her. this shows negative attitude towards other.
    radha’s friend on other hand with concern make ramya to slap her but made her to think the situation of radha.

  4. neil says:

    If Radha would have possessed high emotional intelligence, she would have controlled her emotions. Though charges of corruption can cause any honest person to be upset, but there are chances that charges can be false. She would have waited for the jurisdiction of higher judiciary. She would have given a chance to her father to explain her the situation. She would have been more patient.

    At the same time, she would have courageous to face the public. Ramya was jealous of her and habitually made sarcastic comments. So, she would have ignored her comments.

    On the other hand, with high emotional intelligence Ramya would have understood Radha’s emotions. She would have understood that her comments can direct Radha- who was already under pressure- to take wrong steps like suicide.

    Radha’s friend would have realized that slapping will only make situation tenser. She would have instead told Radha to stay calm and ignore the comments. She would have also observed Radha’s emotions and tried to ensure that she didn’t take any wrong step under pressure.

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