New Initiative: Insights Weekend Debates

Debate –  Week One

Last month few aspirants had asked me to start a forum for them to discuss civil services related issues. Now time has come to explore this idea.

A new forum will not be started though, but an alternative idea has struck me.

It will be named ‘Insights Weekend Debates’.

LOGO - Insights Weekend Debates

What is it?

On every Sunday evening, at 6 pm, a topic from current events, but related to the syllabus will be posted and an agenda will be set for the debate. Aspirants, can argue for or against the topic in the comment box.

It will be a live program and will run for 3 hours and after that comments will be closed. Later, a PDF will be provided for your reference containing best ideas put forward by the participants.

Comments will be closed to formally end the debate so that participants would continue with their studies offline.

How it helps?

  • It helps in your Essay preparation. In Essay, you have to include many dimensions and interconnect them. You have to give a balanced view by analyzing good and bad of an idea. This debate will provide you different views on a single topic as, hopefully, many aspirants would participate and share their ideas.
  • This debate will stimulate your thought process to look at a topic from different perspectives.

insights weekend debates, ias debates

The intention behind this initiative?

  • To involve aspirants in meaningful discussions thereby adding value to their preparation.
  • Lots of aspirants waste their valuable time debating issues that are of no use from exam point of view. Here they can debate on issues that matter to society and the world.


  • Comments will be moderated to remove rude and derogatory ones. I will moderate comments and try to keep the debate on track.

I think so far nobody has  tried this initiative on a website. If it succeeds, it will herald a healthy trend of involving the youth in brainstorming about nation building ideas and thoughts.

Compared to an average individual on the streets,  most of you  have good knowledge of socio-economic issues and you are also well aware of national and international events. This factor should make this initiative a successful because informed debate will attract the passive ones to voice their views too.

I hope visitors of this site will participate with enthusiasm. Think again, spending 3 hours debating a issue concerning all of us won’t be a waste of time. You have brilliant ideas and share them with the world. Here, on Insights.

This will start from next Sunday (20/10/2013). Please participate in large number and make it a success.

Looking forward to the exciting journey ahead.

Post your comments/questions/answers using any of the following modes. Now you can upload Pictures (of your answers) below at INSIGHTS

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  1. Great idea!! Charge ahead Insights..
    Fellow aspirants should also rate the different viewpoints as per their relevance from upsc standpoint.

  2. @insights you are really brilliant. .. how do you come up with such great ideas. Let me add this debate has the potential to motivate for better preparation during dry days from dec to may because mains will be over and job and other distractions will try to take precedence in the time table. This initiative will keep us all motivated. Moreover your brilliance in making everything including time wasters like debates exam oriented will help us to have a peek through opinions which though brilliant seldom find space in mainstream media.

    But the biggest contribition will be from your side because you have understood the pain of people like me who do not have proper internet connection. By providing pdfs you have given us a fighting chance to overcome our technological lag.

    I think thanks is too weak a word to convey my gratitude.

  3. thnks sir for initiating debate on current events that will be best effort for individual to share their thoughts and ideas…

  4. Its important that you tell the topic to participants in advance. Take the names of people who can participate on weekend and mail them in advance. So initial opening remarks are rather more researched and well informed.

  5. ”sir, you know it will be not needed to request or persuade people to join this site as it has got so much of light (”information for the exam”) that it will cover the remaining darkness very soon.”

  6. Thanks for listening “janata ki aawaz.”. I am looking forward to this initiative.I will also request those who are not preparing for the exam to come and participate as it will upgrade their knowledge and make them more aware of the pros and cons of issues especially national problems so that they would become a more aware and responsible citizens. But please give the topic in advance so that it would be more fruitful and logical debate.

  7. it’s great initiative sir. the debate will surely enhance our thought process and will boost up the confidence and multi-dimensional approach of writing essays and will help in interviews too.

  8. Bro… Apne baare me bhi Kuch batao ….We dont knw anything abt You !!
    Jo itna Achha Kaam dusro ke liye kar rha he…us Mahan Aadmi ke baare me jaane ko ichhuk hu … Just Curious :) Aur koi dushmai nhi he Aapse hehe

  9. right decision on right time
    a great initiative
    thanx sir
    i will be continue with that initiative
    hope for the best

  10. Sir,
    Please give the 2-3 best answers of que in Daily answer writing day-to-day basis in pdf,as well (which you perhaps promised earlier)

  11. Sir, I am preparing from home, and earlier it was entirely alone exercise. After the answer writing session, interaction with other students, the problem solved. Now this new initiative has energized all of us. Sir, Thanks a lot. God bless you. You are doing a great job. Looking forward for the first session of discussion, eagerly

    Once again Thank you Sir

    • i am also doing same Richa at home
      as you know upsc wants sky spirit from ias aspirants
      and we are doing same it is not matter that it is delhi mukherjee nagar or a remote area
      matter is that we are on right way or not it is the time of quick action and and remember
      ias banne wale sadharan log hote hain bus unka paryas asadharan hota hai


    • and also Richa one thing

      asafalta ek chunati hai use swikar karo tum
      kya kami rah gayi hai use dekho phir sudhar karo tum
      kuch kiye bina jai sakaar nahi hoti
      koshish karne walon ki kabhi haar na9931324829hi hoti

  12. Insights, I have a few suggestions.

    Please give marks to the answers in Daily writing challenge, essay challenge and Ethics case study. This will help the contestants to get an idea of what the answer in each case would be and how far he/she is from the required goal.

    Also, after the completion of the round/day, please give some points which should have been included, so that we can realise what we are missing and improve upon it.

    Some, like me are not in a position to take costly coaching and test series. Also, our remoteness is a drawback. You can evaluate and help us.


    • Neeraj,

      Until I put up a team, it’s not possible to read all answers. If I can’t read all answers, then there is no point in awarding marks.

      I am managing all work alone. Please understand. If I had time, I would have volunteered to give feedback on all answers. Thank you.

      • i was also going to plead u to do something on the same lines..but its already astonishing that u alone are managing this all alone..grt work sir..

        but still i would dilute my plea if could u randomly go through any 3 or 4 answers at end of day..and gve a feedback on would greatly add to everybody prepartions..

        and whatever words be put to praise ur work would surely fall short of acknowledging the massive effort u put up here..
        hope to see some of members here making up the complete race,that in some form would be appreciation of ur work
        thanks again..

        • Thanks Navbir,

          Your suggestion sounds fair. I will try to devote at least 2 hours at the end of the day to read 2-3 answers and provide my feedback.

          Thanks for all the praises. Please do criticize also now and then lest we become complacent and falter.

  13. @Insights hats off for the effort . It’s awesome . All of us thx to you from bottom of our hearts for your all of these efforts you are performing a tremendous job which can not be praised by words. Hum sab to ye sab isliye kar te hai because we have a cause for that but your efforts are completely admirable .. upar ke comment mae apne kaha ki you can assign volunteer when ever you fell so it’s my fortune to be a part of your noble cause ( this is my email id jab bhi aap ko fell ho just mail me mujhe aap ke is noble cause mae apna choota se sahyog dekar bahut khusi mile gi…thx you

  14. I see so many guys requested to post the debate topic in one day advance .But I do not think that is a great idea because if u give topic in advance people will search through newspapers,books and magazines,digg internet and come with simmilar answers and same arguments.

    Not disclosing the topic will be benefit the candidates who really keep watch on every thing at a glance .so do not disclose the topic in advance.But it is a great initiative by u .thanks.

  15. Hi Insights

    In my opinion, the predictability of quality of debate can’t be exactly determined unless it comes into the force. What I would like to suggest is that for the first debate, disclose the topic beforehand and for the second debate, keep the topic undisclosed. Doing this will help you/us to analyse/compare the kind and quality of both the debates. One will be then in a better position to take the decision regarding disclosure of topic.

  16. sir your website is wonderful , i came to know very late
    i will also participate in your debates ,what is the new weekend debate topic i couldn’t find and also can you provide the summary for the first two debates

    • Thanks Amala. Topic will be given tomorrow morning.

      We will provide a PDF of all discussion. It is difficult to give a summary as comments are huge in number. We would love if someone can send us the same. We will publish it.

  17. all ias aspirants
    in one word about preparation is very simple
    there is no short cut of success
    it will be happy feeling for me if any contact with me regarding ias matters


    • shruti our mission is same but a differnce between u and me
      u follow the diplomacy of china
      wait and watch what you say in rep;y is not very clear
      but work hard an smart
      it is the time of action and commitment
      because i believe in action not in speak

  18. dear friends work hard work smart work honestly
    be ready yourself appearing for world third, and asia first tough and prestigious exam that called IAS EXAM
    if one way our lovely INSIGHT will give us chance to prepare well on the other hand i will try to motivate you and give you positive energy for ready and become able to sit for UPSC CS EXAM
    It is my responsibility to motivate you in positive way to create reading habit among Indian youth

    padhega INDIA tabhi to badhega INDIA






    have sky spirit , if others can do why not i ?

    Have an ambition