Geography – Paper 2 UPSC Mains Civil Services 2013 Question Paper


Geography Paper- 2

geography paper 2 upsc mains 2013

geography upsc mains 2013 paper 2

geography upsc mains 2013 paper 2

geography upsc mains 2013 paper 2


53 Responses

  1. Please post the public administration as well as Physics papers.

  2. Rachana says:

    Please also post the law optional paper

  3. sam says:

    many thanks sir for uploading paper in such quick time frame.

  4. sirji pol.sci paper please

  5. ruby says:

    please upload chemistry and maths papers if u have them, please!!!

  6. aditya gupta says:

    plz upload medical science paper as i hv no othr source to rely on.

  7. RTRJ says:

    Thanx sir…
    Average paper compare to paper 1

  8. janardhana r says:

    thank you. . . . .

  9. dr NAVEEN says:

    sir completely exhausted did not sleep for last two days
    papers(medical science) were so easy asked from last 2-3 years papers
    but not satisfied with my performance as most of the facts i forgot
    although attempted 240 marks question in both papers

  10. vijay says:

    sir plz post kannada literature paper… many of my friends waiting to see it…plz sir

  11. pawan says:

    i have chemistry paper 1 and paper 2 with me. paper 1 was on regular lines and paper 2 was tough as usual! does somebody need it? i am asking this only because very few students opt this subject and after pattern change in mains, the number of students opting this subject has declined further.

  12. dr naveen please upload medical science paper no

  13. pawan says:

    seems nobody is interested in chemistry over here!. no problem!. best of luck for tomorrow!

  14. upsc aspirant says:

    Hello everyone!
    I appeared for upsc mains this year.
    Saw some ppl in need of pub adm ppr.
    Have sent it to insights mail Id.
    Gud luck

  15. Gowthaman Ramadoss says:

    Someone please post public administration paper no??

  16. V.VENKATRAMAN.M.Sc,M.Phil,(Ph.D),M.A says:

    please pol.sci quetion

  17. pawan says:

    @insights and many others
    really sorry. i was busy preparing for hindi paper. i saw your comments right now only. i didn’t know few aspirants are intending to take chemistry as their optional next year. i will send the question papers tomorrow itself on insight id after the exam. it’s late now and i am going to sleep. hope u can wait till tomorrow.
    if possible i will take physics paper from one of my friends and also send to insight id within tomorrow. i had least idea that aspirants are so curious to analyze the papers of science stream which have a few takers. this year’s chemistry paper was very easy, repetitive questions from previous years similar to medical science. paper 2 was tough only for aspirants who came with just basic preparation.

  18. shwetha says:

    @insights plz sir upload kannada literature paper…

  19. RP says:

    sir can you please let us know how was this overall geography paper 1 and paper2. so that we can change our strategy accordingly from now itself.. thanks.

  20. sandy says:

    plz give the new strategy for paper was very tough..shld i take hindi literature …i m bit confused n horrified with geog.

  21. Badal says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for uploading the question paper. it would be great help if you could upload a sample map of india of the kind which UPSC gives during examination

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