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  1. Political Science Strategy – By Rank 77
  2. Mathematics Strategy – By Rank 8
  3. Anthropology Strategy – By Rank 26
  4. Public Administration Strategy – By Insights
  5. Summary of Economic Survey – 2015 – Prepare by Raju Mishra, Rank – 65
  6. Insights Daily Debates – Create Your Own Opinion on Issues that Matter 


  1. Atul Vikas Kulkarni UPSC Topper (Rank 180): Started CSE Preparation at the Age of 28 and Cleared it in Second Attempt
  2. Balaji D.K. – UPSC Topper (Rank – 36) – Overcoming Many Obstacles
  3. Sandeep Chaudhary – UPSC Topper (Rank – 158) Interview
  4. Nitish K  – UPSC Topper (Rank – 8) – My Preparation Strategy 
  5. Satish Reddy – UPSC Topper (Rank – 97) – My Journey Towards Success – Part – 2
  6. Madhusudan Hulgi – UPSC Topper (Rank – 392) – Failed in  3 Prelims, Got Rank in 4th Attempt! 
  7. Satish Reddy – UPSC Topper (Rank – 97) – My Journey Towards Success 
  8. Neha Kumari – UPSC Topper  (Rank 26) – My Strategy 
  9. Khushal Yadav – UPSC Topper (Rank 28) – Demystifying Interview 
  10. Mohmd Sameer Islam (MSI) – UPSC Topper (Rank – 564) – Preparation Strategy  
  11. Arpana Gupta-UPSC Topper (Rank 108) – Personal Loss and Success: Motivational Story 
  12. Abdaal Akhtar – UPSC Topper (Rank – 35) Read His Strategy
  13. Raju Mishra – UPSC Topper (Rank 65) Read His Strategy –
  14. Five Out of Twenty Insights Students Get Top Ranks (Including AIR – 8)
  15. From Nothing to Rank – 65 – A Remarkable Journey!



  1. Last Minute Strategy for Prelims – 2015 (By IAS Topper) NEW!
  2. Clarification Regarding Insights Offline Classes NEW!
  3. Insights’ Feedback on Your Answers
  4. A Guide To UPSC Exam Preparation By Divya S Iyer, IAS  
  5. Motivation for Prelims – 2015 Popular Now!
  6. Insights – The Hindu News Analysis – Popular Now!
  7. New Initiative – Self Study Guide – Popular Now!
  8. Insights Offline Class for 2014 Mains – Result – 70% Success Rate!
  9. Lok Sabha TV Insights Program Written Summary – Very Important!
  10. For Freshers – A Must Read Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers!
  11. Why Writing Matters for an IAS Aspirant
  12. Insights Secure Mains – 2015
  13. Did You Fail in Prelims – 2014? Read This
  14. Wake Up Before It’s Too Late 
  15. Preparation Strategy – By IAS Topper (Rank – 6, 2013)
  16. Civil Service Examination – A Perspective 
  17. What Not To Do In This Exam Preparation
  18. What Strategy Should One Follow?
  19. Why I Want To Become An IAS Officer?
  20. What Kind of an IAS Officer Should One Aspire to be? 
  1. Insights Secure – 2015 
  2. Insights Self Study Guide for Prelims + Mains – 2015
  3. Insights Test Series for Prelims – 2015 (General Studies – 1)
  1. Motivation for Prelims – 2015
  2. Wake Up Before It’s Too Late
  3. How to Keep Your Motivation High?
  4. Motivational Articles
  5. Why Writing Matters for an IAS Aspirant
  1. Mains New Pattern –  Simplified!
  2. UPSC Previous Year Question Papers
  3. Complete Syllabus Of All Subjects
  4. GS All Papers’ Detailed Syllabus
  1. Insights Secure Mains – 2015
  2. Case Studies – Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude
  3. Rationale Behind Daily Answer Writing Challenge
  4. How to Write Good Answers in Mains – Important Tips
  5. Tips For Improving Answer Writing Skills
  6. For Better Comprehension & Vocabulary
  1. How To Choose Optional Subject For Mains?
  2. Important Instructions For Essay Writing 
  3. Essay Strategy
  4. How To Prepare For Mains General Studies Paper-I
  5. How to Prepare For Mains General Studies paper – II
  6. How to Prepare For Mains General Studies Paper- III
  7. How to Prepare For Mains General Studies Paper – IV 
  1. About Personality Test – How To Face It
  1. Myths and Lies About IAS – Busted


  • amol lakhote

    Lot of thanks first!!!!! Its really helpful for me. If i got anything important material i share with you..

  • vikas yaduvanshi

    I am practising vision IAS prelims test series offline version..(photo copies). I want to know the cuttoff and highest score in each of these test series papers. if any one have please share with me test code wise. thanks in anticipation !

  • preeti

    Can anybody plz tell me where are the geography optional questions gone ….i am not able to locate themmm….

  • Shrikant Bhardwaj

    hi sir,
    i appeared two times in mains- 2013,2014, could not qualify for interview. My medium is Hindi. Can you please suggest how can i improve my gs and answer writing??


      Dear Shrikant,

      That’s sad. Hope you will qualify and get a rank this year.

      The only way to improve writing is to write as much as possible. Please solve previous year papers. Get feedback from your friends or peers. Then, you can start answering our Secure – 2015 questions daily. You can even post them in Hindi or upload a document (scanned copy of your answer sheet). Review others answers and get yours reviewed. Keep writing. Wish you all the best.

      • Shrikant Bhardwaj

        thank you very much for your quick and encouraging reply.

  • PranavSontakke

    Everything is available in this SuperBazzar that will make a Home complete.Thank U INSIGHTS

  • Asokaa


  • Neha Sharma

    Can anyone tell me what is the email id of vinay sir???

  • PranavSontakke

    Vinay SIr, I have seen Test-series Papers of various prestigious classes (so called) in Delhi. But not even one of that can be compared with UPSC. I just purchased those to cover the variation but its waste of time. NO QUALITY. I Have been practicing your Test Series since September’14. It not only boosts our confidence but also helps cover all the topics comprehemsively. Last year’s Test series is also very useful even if I solve that this year.
    Sir, if possible for you, plz add questions which you post on daily basis here on website in your Test-Series..
    Thank a tonne.

  • prashanth

    hello sir, im new to your website though i was not able to come unlesss and untilll 2014 cwe topper (upsc rank 8) from my state karnataka openely said to refer about ur insights on india.. i think this website will be very usefull to me also . can u post the study schedule for UPSC 2016? it will be helpfull if u can do that please

    thank u

  • Jullie Agrawal

    Thank you INSIGHTS…The site is truly amazing

  • rina

    guys..HELP! pls bear wid my lengthy msg n consider to gve an ans.. its been 3yrs since im preparing..still dint read all the ncerts and relevant basic books completely.the1st yr of my preparation was a mere waste wid no seriousness n no idea of wat to read! the nxt 2yrs joined some coaching institutes..picked few random ncerts along wid lakshmikant polity..but was focussing on ‘FINISHING THE BOOKS OFF’rather than understanding n retaining..was never consistant atleast 4 a month. Today i stand to face Pre-2015 not finishing atleast 1subject completely!(ashamed to say).When i think of this,i get scared,depressed,ashamed,sad and ending up wid a bad headache. Now i repent a lot for wasting time n im thinking not to give attempt dis time,but start again with real sincerity taking help from insights and joining test-series(PRE+MAINS 2016)In SEPT.. is dis a good decision..? (‘m doing my masters..)is it possible to achieve success in 2016 if i study both for pg and for upsc simultaneously..? PLEASE dont ignore to answer thinking im not a serious candidate guys..i REALLY want to work hard.. i eagerly wait for your valuable and unbiased suggestions..Thankq.

    • Yashaswi

      Hi Rina,

      Take a deep breath first.

      Forget everything that has happened in the past.

      Close your eyes and follow insights initiatives. (read: follow EVERY initiative that they have. Follow. BLINDLY!) .. I would suggest you start right away. Please don’t wait for them to begin the 2016 initiatives. Start right away whether or not you are attempting this year (this is your decision).

      Start writing answers (at least one answer) everyday. Don’t ever bother that your answer is “not good enough”. Everyone learns. No one is a born-genius. Everyone makes mistakes, the ones who succeed are the ones who learn from their mistakes. Never be ashamed of your mistakes, unless you repeat them.

      Pay equal attention to every part of this exam. From practicing preliminary exam mock tests, to essay to GS 1,2,3,4 and language papers and optional subject.

      Please sit patiently and go through all the initiatives and guide-articles (Example: Why writing practice? What optional to choose? etc etc etc) that insights has.

      The Insights team is dedicated, hardworking, consistent and tirelessly dedicating their time for aspirants like you and me. You will rarely find a team like them. (The other that i know of is Mrunal Sir and co) … You must reciprocate.

      Give it your best. Never compare yourself with others. Progress in this exam’s preparation is slow. It requires patience, hard-work and perseverance. Anyone can crack this exam. Anyone.

      Breathe out now.

      • Yashaswi

        Please also remember. Follow only one strategy, that is your own. Never keep changing your strategy based on what others may say or do.

        Your “macro” strategy can obviously be allowed to accommodate “micro” changes. After reading all of insights articles (about preparation for this exam), you will be able to create your own “macro” strategy which you should always adhere to. “Macro” changes to your strategy must be avoided unless you know there is something very majorly wrong with it.

  • ajeet singh

    Hi! insights ,will you start answer writting challeng 2015 for optional subject public admanistration and geography?

  • anonymous

    vinay sir can u kindly tell when will dere b an initiative for pre+mains 2016 starting???????

  • Karthik Ias Aspirant

    Audio notes topic : International food standards revised; safe limit for lead reduced
    In this audio lecture note we will be studying about
    1. What is codex standards?
    2. What is international food standard ?
    3. What is international food standard audit?.
    4. Reasons for reducing safe limit for lead by international food standards body codex.

    for regular updates subsribe my youtube channel :

  • Pratik Dalvi

    i have visited this website and its really very very helpful for all the aspirants.. a very big thank you to insights team.

  • Rahul

    Friends lets help one another by reviewing answers and judging them correctly

  • gopal

    guys i m dr.gopal krishna..i have been awarded 68/300 in english
    compulsory paper..hence others papers have not been evaluated..this year
    english paper was easy and i had done very well..this is very much
    disheartening and unthinkable..i m ready to fight it out..kindly guide
    me how to approach upsc regarding this..put in your thoughts and any
    information regarding rti or re-totalling me to find out the
    truth..upsc should be made more accountable and transparent..

  • Dharna

    I am planning on taking up History as my optional subject and want to prepare it by myself. I will be appearing for the exam in 2016. Please guide me as to how to go about it?

  • Govt Jobs in India

    Amazing information in the post

  • gaurav

    For those who have joined insight test series for prelims 2015. i need the question papers with solution (answer keys) which is provided by the insight in pdf form. i can part Rs. 500 or negotiable amount abreed with the person who provide the papers. please contact me at , my name is gaurav.

  • gaurav

    Hi my name is gaurav. i am preparing for CSE 2015. i have not joined any test series for prelims and i cannot join either, but i need questions to practice .So anyone who have joined the insight test series please contact me at . i just need questions with answers to practice with…please

  • Shahnawaz

    i didn’t get the answer of abdaal akhtar sir. can u send me an

  • pawan prajapati

    anybody have d information regarding mp psc mains test series provided by any institution…?

  • Mohit Sharma

    Hello Sir,
    As I’m beginner with INSIGHTS, I’m little confused that how to tackle down such enormous amount of information simultaneously. Please Suggest a systematic manner so i can carry on working with insights easily. My only aim to ask for a proper way of using this website. And , thank you very much for creating this website, its really productive.

  • jayaram

    Dear insights,
    Sir i want to join class in Insights & meet Vinay sir, kindly provide me the address.

  • @bhishek

    very good answers

  • Ishnoor

    hey insight team…can you post strategy for geography optional along with books reff.. by any cse 2014 topper……thnks

  • phani

    Dear insights i had received a article regarding the terminology used in upsc i.e, discuss, critically,examine, and other . I have lost that important article . So ,please forward it to me once again.

  • Bharat Kumar

    Very very very useful website tremendous.please use of it very very sincerly

  • Mohit Sharma

    Sir , please give a detailed note on Currency- Swap. I tried but dint get the logic.


    i want one answer from u experts of upsc.
    is it possible for anyone to write GS papers in gujarati but writting optional papers in english eg. maths in english?pls tell me about this

  • Lavanya.S

    I’m still 18. So,could you please guide me,how to start up??? If you don’t mind…

  • jijo

    Hii, can anybody help me me out in choosing optional subject, I wanna choose Sanskrit as my optional though I m not from Sanskrit background I have completed my p.g in sociology..going for Sanskrit optional is a bit risky but taking literature as an optional can have a better chance of success

  • Tanuj

    Hello Insights :)

    I am new to this forum. I did my B.Tech in 2013, worked in a MNC for a year. I did coaching from Vajiram last year and now I have decided to drop this year and focus on 2016 since my preparation is not upto the level. I have read all the NCERTs and have made notes of them, I have read basic mandatory books like Laxmikant, GC leong etc. (one reading) but I need to consolidate them into notes. I am facing few problems which i want to overcome so that I can live upto my potential,

    1). Answer Writing :

    Daily on insights I read questions and then I see the reference link but when it comes to answer writing I feel as if I don’t know anything beyond what’s given in the article and most of the time I end up writing what’s already there in the article itself. What should be the right approach. Whether I should read few articles or my notes before answering the question or simply write whatever pops up in my mind or any other approach.

    2). Number of Subjects at a time:

    I have decided to take one GS subject (currently Economics) and my optional (PubAd) to start simultaneous so that I get proper time to revise both of them on a daily basis. Is this a good approach or should I follow some other method (like reading two GS subject for 3days each along with PubAd and one day for weekly revision).

    3). Current Affairs Resource:

    I have feedly and I get updates from IE, Hindu, LiveMint, Insights Current Updates, ET, CivilsDaily etc. It usually takes 1-2 hours to read and summarise them (Important Articles only) and to jot it down on a daily basis. Should I keep doing this or else should I just follow Hindu and Insights Current updates.

    Help me out to sort out my queries.
    All suggestions are welcomed. Please Do Reply!!!

  • Samar Mondal

    This website is very helpfuii

  • Samar Mondal

    this website is very helpfull

  • BaaHuBali eNTERs

    Needed links from test 1 to 10 of 2014 series at the moment, the payment ID for this transaction is MOJO4104000J80811987. Thank you

  • Harsha Iyer

    Sir i’m preparing for CSE 2016 and need your valuable guidance please..
    As i’m working in govt. can’t invest more than 8 hrs (including office time)

    please please guide me whether following time scheduling is the right approach


    2.5 hrs The Hindu & notes on it
    4 Hrs Subject ( GS1,GS2,GS3,GS4,Optional Paper I & II alternate alternate for six days of a week )
    1 Hr Revision
    1 Hrs Answer writing.

    On Sundays

    Weekly Hindu Revision – 3 Hrs
    CSAT – 2 Hrs
    Weekly Subject revision – 3 Hrs
    Selective Web updates study ( PIB/IDSA/PRS/EPW, Yojana)- 3 Hrs

    Please guide me Sir.

  • Mr. DISQUSer

    First you ignore them, then you redicule them and finally [when you feel that they are ‘significant’ still (!),] you JOIN them.

    Story of : My relation with INSIGHTS !

    Looking forward to a (very) fruitful ‘relation’ ahead. :)


  • meena

    Can any one tell when online or offline classes will be started for 2016 prelims cum mains. I want to enroll

  • meena

    Plz help me i am new to cse and i have no idea, where to start and how to start

  • anu

    Sir I want join off line after preliminary,what is the criteria for that journey

  • Manmeet Sidhu

    indian society at the crossroads…

    suggest me points what to write

  • Saurabh Arora

    Hello everyone,

    I am preparing for 2016 attempt. I have completed coaching. Want a study partner for keeping checks, accountability and discussion. Please comment if anyone’s interested.


    Hello insights..currently i am studying degree 3rd year(18 YEARS). I am seriously aspiring for civil service. After completion of degree i am in an idea to do MA in jnu. Fact is i want to prepare for CIVILS that two years along with MA . Is it possible for full time preparation in university along with MA or do u want me to start preparation without going to university ? kindly reply sir . I am in a dire of confusion. i want to crack service in 21 i have 18 years..i am glad if you reply…….and finally i am impressed for your service through INSIGHTS.

  • Arvind Kumar

    Hello Sir! I am an IAS aspirant and looking to take this examination in 2016. Sir i want to join your Prelims Test Series for 2016. Could you inform us when will you start the Test Series for 2016?I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

  • Dibyendu Kundu

    At last i have found a real path.

  • Rehab Wani

    Blessed by Almighty to have got up here after a casual search for UPSC .Time to put on the thinking caps and to refill the pens.Let the bones give up their lethargy and fill the pages with ample knowledge.
    And for everyone out there, I wish to tell you that truly the thought before or after results you should fear is “wish I had studied well, I would have cleared”! Dont leave any space for that thought ! Do everything you can , there should be nothing left and the only fear you should be having before results is “I m so very well done with all of the syllabus if I dont clear it would be boring to study again” ! Believe in yourself and strike hard, because its you who can win! Tell yourself this everyday , work for it and you will win! The problem is we dont believe, just believe in yourself! Come on Almighty made you unique , you don’t need to follow others, just learn from others but follow yourself!
    Good luck!
    Give your best !

  • Mansi

    can i please get the link for today’s debate question

  • ronak kothari

    Can you please have an app. It would be better

  • ronak kothari

    Guys if their is like whatsapp group can Yoi add me

  • Lalit Katheria

    Please clarify…
    1.can a person stand for mp and mla election at a time?
    2.if he has elected for both seat and not given his choice to join mp or mla then what will happen to that seat?

  • santosh patil

    sir, I am from karntaka and i wish to prepare for 2016 prelims and mains.This year’s topper D K BALAJI (RANK 36) is an inspiration for me. He suggested your website and i found it to be extremely worth and helpful for preparation as it covers the whole syllabus. please can anybody guide me and suggest about preparation strategy for prelims and mains..for 2016 prelims and mains.

  • stranger

    It’s really a boon for those who are taking preparation silently at home

  • ashish

    हिंदी माध्यम से आईएएस परीक्षा की तैयारी कर रहे विद्यार्थियों को समर्पित ब्लॉग।